Innovation Awareness (InnoAware) Experts Training Certification Ceremony

The participants of the “Innovation Awareness (InnoAware) Experts Training were certified on the 23rd of January 2018. The training was organized by the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises project (PSME) in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI).

The participants were trained on using InnoAware toolbox in addition to conducting the event formats to create innovation awareness. The participants conducted various pilot projects as part of the training; the projects covered Cairo and other governorates and targeted various beneficiaries including companies, start-ups and students.

InnoAware seeks to raise interest on innovation as a potential source of growth for SMEs. Through target-group-specific activities, entrepreneurs, CEOs, or students will gain insights into how they can use innovation to grow their businesses.

The training of Innovation Awareness Experts is an activity of InnoAware; a measure of the Ministry of Trade and Industry Industrial Innovation Strategy that aims at stimulating innovation through raising awareness about its importance for the competitiveness of the Egyptian industry.

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